Weirerhof Mountain Farmstead


take a deep breath

Discover a deep sensory connection with nature: eat plums and pears picked directly from the tree, breath in the aroma of freshly cut hay, see the animals grazing and look in wonder all around you at a landscape that will touch your soul.

This is what awaits you on your holiday at the Weirerhof farmstead in Barbian!

Natural farming


in the Weirerhof Mountain Farmstead

Our farmstead may be small but it is filled with charm: We produce milk and grow chestnuts, walnuts and plums, so there is lots to see and do. Such as helping out in the barn or picking fruit. We live on and for nature and have adapted in harmony with its annual cycle.

Observing the changes in the plants and trees throughout the year is extraordinary ... From flowers to fruits, to the winter rest. It is fascinating to see the birth of a calf, watch it grow and then, in just a few years, have its own calf! Here nature is at your fingertips: everything around us and what we produce is pure uncontaminated nature.


Fresh, high-quality, flavoursome milk every day: no homogenisation or pasteurisation. Just pure, genuine milk. Produced by animals fed on hay and cereals and nothing else!



Chestnuts, plums, walnuts, cherries or currants eaten straight from the tree or in delicious jams and refreshing juices.


The farm animals

Cows, sheep, chickens, cats, rabbits and dwarf goats. Moos, bleats, quacks and meows ... Being surrounded by so much life and joy is fantastic.